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Really good story, i think some of the animations could have been a bit smoother, like the tortoises walk cycle but other then that the textures were great and so was the render, love that maya physical sun and sky. Great job, hope to see more from you.

Courageousturnip responds:

Yeah, I know some of those walk cycles both me too. I modeled and rigged everything myself, which was probably a mistake because I ended up with some pretty crazy joint pops.

Thanks for the review! And yeah, maya physical sun and sky for the win.

Honestly I have no idea what happened in this animation, there is some promise for the animation though, a few parts seemed to be well done. But its very Screwits style and he just mimicked spazkidin3D. Maybe you just need to concentrate more on the jokes and the script.

Its incredibly random but i guess it kinda works with it, the animation isn't bad but I can see that a lot of it is tweens which work quite well for it

skotsoad responds:


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What More Did It Need To Be..

I got to say games wise this was very simple, but the stunning visuals and the music ( ignoring the slight jump when it loops ) are amazing. If this was to have been an animation it would have been aura inspiring. I'm glad that this achieved daily feature, it deserved it. The time that was spent on the art alone. i'd really like to see you animate, even if it was just slight tweens it adds an whole entire new depth to it. I gave this a 9. Just because I want this so badly to have been animated, and for the slight jump in the music that kept annoying me. Other than that, Amazing art


I'm not one for usually playing flash games but this was done so beautifully. I really felt like I was running for her.... Past all of the fears, sacrifice and doubts along the way, I know myself that when you find your other half you should never let go. Truly amazing, you captured the essence in its simplest form, Not over detailed and not under detailed, adding on top of that the piano, In my personal opinion the most romantic instrument in the world. You deserve 10/10 for this. Keep up this amazing work, for only those who have truly loved know what this feels like. I hope to capture this essence in my future work, Making people laugh is easy, touching their hearts is truly a gift. I hope to see more in the future from you. Best of wishes to you : )

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Could this quite possibly be..... the next animation for Broly?!?!?!

A worthy Full 10

I really wish I hadn't read the description, now all I can think about is a terminal illness. But there is something else. My original thought is still there. A decent into shadow and despair.. A waiting... A Longinus to belong, maybe unconforming. There is an emptiness and I thought I slight hint of hope, something or someone can save them from this fate. That was before I read the description. But that is only my own interpretation. A good song. I still hold strong that the piano is one of the most expressive instruments know to man. Good work on this piece

Nice remix

Such a simple song to learn but I love these remixes. Good job. Oh that crazy man in the windmill. I wonder if his legs ever got sore, all he did was squats over and over haha

I am a creator of sorts, sometimes i like to draw things and make them move

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